Reflective Film

Gowoon Reflective Film for Orchards

Reflective films are essential for apple production!

To promote the red color development of the apple, only prune up to 1/3 of the leaves, so as to not negatively affect the sugar content and nutrients. It is important not to over-prune the trees, or it may yield less fruit in next year's harvest.

For the apples that are harvested in the summer, we recommend the Gowoon Diffuse Reflective Film(DRF20). This film will prevent the apples from being burnt by the heat of the sunlight during the summer season. In the fall, we recommend the High Elasticity Reflective Film(HERF20). Since the fall does not have as much sunlight as the summer, our Gowoon HERF20 provides a higher reflector so that the apples may receive more exposure to the sunlight.

Since the sun is lower in the sky during the winter, it is not ideal for the growth of fine crops, so a greenhouse is installed. The crops in the northward direction grow slower and are of lower quality than the crops facing the south. Therefore, installing the Greenhouse Reflective Film on the south side of the greenhouse will increase the quality and production of the crops.

Installing the Greenhouse Reflective Film will increase the greenhouse temperature by about 4-5 F. It will also help grow fruits and vegetables.

Gowoon Reflective Film for Greenhouses