Reflective Film Installation

To ensure that the apples are red, lay a reflective film 30-40 days before picking the apples. Before laying the reflective film, there are essential steps to follow for the best harvest. You must cut the leaves around the fruit so that the apples may receive even sunlight. Tie together heavier branches to form spaces between the branches and the fruits. This allows sunlight to be well absorbed and the coloration of the fruit to be evenly colored. The best leaf picking is less than 1/3 of the whole number of leaves, so it does not affect the synthesis of nutrients and sugar content of the fruit. Be careful not to overestimate leaf picking. If the leaf picking is done too early or too much is picked, the next year's apple harvesting will be effected. The best time to install a reflective film is when the apple is about two-thirds red in color. The reflective film should be installed for 10-20 days on a normal sunshine basis during the summer. If there are a lot of days without regular sunshine, extend the period of the reflective film by 10 more days.

When handling the Reflective films, remove sharp objects from the ground and avoid overstretching the film to prevent from tearing. We recommend red colored bricks or any large stones to hold down the films from blowing away. Do not use bricks that are colored white because there are chemicals in the white brick that may discolor the film.

Scarecrow Installation

Using the holes on the top and bottom of the Gowoon Scarecrow, install the scarecrow on a stick and hang high or tie the scarecrow tightly on a fence with string in order to reduce interference with wildlife.

Bell Scarecrow + Pole Installation

This pole is specially designed for the bell scarecrow to allow realistic movement and sound to repel birds.

Put the pole holder in the ground at an angle. Release the cap from the bottom of the pole, and place the pole into the hole of the holder. Use the nut and bolt to hold the pole. Tie the string of the bell scarecrow to the top of the pole. Pull the pole from the top.

*Pole may be tied against a tree or fence.

Scare Tape Installation

Securely install one end of the scare tape. Then hold the tape in one hand and pull until desired lngth and secure the end. Install multiple lines for an even better effect.