Gowoon Scarecrow

Gowoon Scarecrow Effects and Features

The light weight metallic films is used not only to reflect strong sunlight and moonlight but it also creates sound as it swirls with the slightest breeze.

This portrays a more realistic Scarecrow preventing birds and other animals (deer) from coming near the crops.

* If scarecrow is placed every 40 feet it can cover 3 acres with one box of 300 pieces.

Deer Deterrent Reflective scarecrow is designed specially for night to prevent deer. One side is a metallic film to reflect strong sunlight, the other side absorbs sunlight during the daytime and gives off light during the night to scare away deer. 

Deer Deterrent Reflective Scarecrow

Bell Scarecrow + Pole

Flexibility of the pole allows big movement and a lot of noise from the bell, scaring away birds and other animals.

Scare Tape

In the slightest wind the reflective red and silver sides of the Gowoon Scare Tape shakes and scatters light in multi angles, preventing birds from coming near the crops.